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After two long days of violence in Haryana’s Nuh, Mewat and Gurugram the Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to hear pleas filed against the protests to be conducted in Delhi and surrounding areas due to Nuh, Mewat Violence. A bench of Justice Sanjiv Khanna and Justice SV Bhatti of the Supreme Court issued noticed to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and New Delhi and directed Centre to prevent hate speech and violence in Delhi-NCR region.

The events on 31 July 2023 and 01 August 2023 led to announcement of 23 protest marches by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal (BD) in Delhi-NCR regions against targeting by Muslim community of Hindu religious rally in Nuh-Mewat area.

The Nuh, Mewat violence broke-out after a religious procession was announced by a small Hindu religious group. The procession was, reportedly, announced a week ago. The procession was supposed to be in Nuh, Mewat region which is a Muslim Majority region. Reportedly, the procession was attacked and vehicles in the rally were burnt. Injuries and deaths have also been reported but not yet confirmed.

The reaction against the violence was seen in Gurugram where reportedly a mosque was burnt (not confirmed) and man was killed. Further shops were also reportedly burnt showing anger against what was conspired and put into action in Nuh, Mewat region.

The Chief Minister (CM) of Haryana Shri Manhohar Lal Khatter has also commented via X (formerly Twitter) on the violence and has ensured strict action against the accused. The CM has also assured that the damage done by the rioters would be compensated by attaching the rioter’s property.

The CM’s tweet –

I will not allow the state’s peace and communal harmony to deteriorate at any cost… Every culprit of the Nuh incident will be brought to their end through the law. And every damage done there will be compensated by the rioters only and it will also be recovered from them.” [TRANSLATED]  

Link to the tweet


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